Knowledge by Identity                       Enabling You and Your Company to Thrive

Recently I founded a new company: De Katalysator (The Catalyst). I support entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers in finding their own source to thrive and making the right steps to become successful in an authentic way. Intuitively and with much presence I support people in whatever is needed to become more aligned with their aspirations. My strength is to empower them and look into deeper lying undermining obstacles which prevent them from making enduring steps.

Are you and your organisation struggling with your business? Growing less than you want? Or do you want to live your passion even more? And have difficulties getting into the flow, creating enough turnover? Do you want to achieve personal growth and become more entrepreneurial? 

And are you realising that more of the same is no longer an option? Keen to explore new ways of working in a more interconnected way? Or perhaps even willing to make transformative steps letting loose old paradigms?

I support entrepreneurs in realising their dreams. My strength is to empower you, giving you the confidence and focus to be successful. I facilitate you and your company in whatever is needed to succeed, aligned with your organisational goals and creating impact on society. As sparring partner or even by temporarily joining your team. 

Integral approach

I can also facilitate and accelerate your aspiration as organisation to become more creative, flexible, learning and sustainable. Not by complicating things but by doing the right things right. My integral more human and natural approach will expand your consciousness and awareness and distinguishes the following aspects:
Interested in doing something different, extending your scope and at the same time achieve real impact? Contact us!

Lars Lutje Schipholt

foto: Rene Koster

Lars is a transition enabler and connector. He has always been passionate about how to transform people, organisations & society, thereby contributing to our continuity. Read more about Lars: inno-V 

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