Approach                                                  Enabling You and Your Company to Thrive

We facilitates organisations in their quest to become more creative, flexible, learning and sustainable. Not by complicating things but by doing the right things right. Our integral more human and natural approach will expand your consciousness and awareness and distinguishes 5 interlinked aspects:
  1. consultant: not being part of the problem and lead by example
  2. employee: empowering themselves, being able to take responsibility
  3. management: using context steering methods instead of implementing top-down solutions 
  4. organisation: applying a more systematic approach, avoiding jumping to conclusions
  5. society: supporting collaborations by bridging different worlds and catalysing energy for change.
Read more about this steps here.
Our integral transformative approach is based on insights from Chris Argyris, Jan Bommerez, Marc Gafni, Mauk Pieper, Norman Wolfe, Peter Paul Gerbrands, Peter Senge, Richard Barrett to name a few.

Lars about consiousness and awareness

"I see more clearly now that life and organisations are much more complex, holistic and interlinked than I've been thaught. We stand on the brink of a transformation of the western world that we haven't seen for more than a century. Still, most of us seem still to have surprisingly little awareness if this. Only by using our human potential again people, organisations and society can thrive and survive.

Based on my experience and what I've learnt from others I conceived an integral mental model that can support organisations in seeing the bigger picture. It leads the way to sustainable change of organisations." 

Read more about utilising our right, left and 'heart' brain more and the levels of consciousness here.