Levels of Consciousness                    Enabling You and Your Company to Thrive

Only one step at a time

In your strive for change it's essential to be aware of the stage of development of an organisation, manager or employee and work from there. The Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness Model describes the evolutionary development of human consciousness and distinguises 7 Levels of Consciousness. It applies to all individuals and human group structures, such as organisations, communities and nations. 

The model covers both the internal dimensions of consciousness ‐ our inner journey into self‐knowledge and meaning, and the external dimensions of consciousness – the gradual expansion of our sense of identity in terms of who and what we care about in our lives.

To be effective you should focus on the stage above the one which is reality now. You need therefore to understand the stages in development of consciousness. Avoid (as very often happens) imposing solutions or taking measures that ignore the current level of consciousness of an individual or organisation.